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Welcome to Bill Webb custom pool cues.

Bill Webb was born in 1949 in Lake City, Arkansas. He has been a serious pool player his entire life and has been making cues for the last 30 years (Bill describes it as 15 years of exotic sawdust and 15 years of actual cuesticks). Help was difficult to come by back when he started, but Bill credits Jerry McWorter with providing the essential guidance that finally got him headed in the right direction.

After operating out of both Seattle and Houston, Bill returned home to Arkansas in 1999 where he produces around 30 cues per year. These are divided between Butterfly and Six-Point cues. His cues are all handmade one-off works of art that are currently being used by satisfied pool players on five continents and all over the United States.

Please take a moment to look around and learn more about the custom, hand made works of art being enjoyed by pool players all over the world.